Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 To Ice Cream Sandwich XWLP7 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S2

The latest firmware – XWLP7 is finally available for the Samsung Galaxy S2 users living in Russia. The firmware is based on Android ICS.

Even though the next version in the Galaxy line, i.e, Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to be launched soon, Samsung is still taking good care of the previous version i.e, Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung is ensuring that it’s Galaxy S2 users remain happy by updating the Galaxy S2 from time to time. Not only was Galaxy S2 one of the smartphones to get the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update first, it has also been getting timely updates for better functionality.

The official update for this firmware is not available in certain parts of the world yet, but the XWLP7 should suffice until then.


  • XWLP7 update can only be used on the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 and would not work on any other Android device. If you are not sure as to what your device model is then you can check it via Settings>About Phone
  • Even though this firmware is meant for the Russian geography, users from other parts of the world can use this on their Samsung Galaxy S2. But if you are not comfortable with the idea of installing an update which is not for your geography, then you can skip this update.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damages to your device.


  • You will need to create a back up of all your data on your phone as you might lose all your important data once you flash this update.
  • You will need to charge your phone battery to the fullest to ensure that there are no interruptions during the flashing process.
  • You will need to ensure that you have all the necessary drivers installed on your Windows PC : 32-bit Windows or 64-bit Windows.
  • If you have any antivirus or Firewall installed on your PC, you will have to disable it before you proceed further.
  • You will need to shut down Samsung KIES on your PC.
  • You will need to download the XWLP7 firmware zip file to your PC
  • You will need to download the ODin3 1.83 file and install it on your PC


  • Unzip the XWLP7 firmware to a folder on your PC
  • After extracting the zip file, the file that we would be using is I9100XWLP7_I9100OXELP7_I9100XXLPS_HOME.tar.md5.
  • You will need to switch off your phone
  • You will need to switch your phone to the Download Mode. You will need to keep the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons pressed at the same time. A “Warning!” will come up on the screen and you will have to press the volume Up button to enter the Download Mode.
  • You will have to launch Odin3 on your PC
  • Use a USB cable to connect the PC to the phone
  • You will see the message “Added!” in the Odin3 window when you connect your PC to the Galaxy S2.
  • If you do not see the message “Added!” then try reinstalling the drivers.
  • Using the PDA button in the Odin3 window, select the I9100XWLP7_I9100OXELP7_I9100XXLPS_HOME.tar.md5 file.
  • Without making any changes to the Odin3’s settings, push the start button to start flashing.
  • You will see a green light on the upper left box in Odin or a message “Pass!”, if the flashing was successful.
  • If you see a red light on the upper left box in Odin or a message “Failed!”, Then you will have to follow certain instructions:


  • You will need to disconnect the Galaxy S2 from your computer.
  • You will need to shut the Odin.
  • You will need to remove the Galaxy S2 battery and reinsert it.
  • You will have to repeat the instructions starting from “You will need to switch off your phone”
  • Once the flashing procedure is complete, the Galaxy S2 will reboot on it’s own.
  • Once you see the Samsung Logo, you can disconnect it from the computer.

You have successfully updated your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I91000 to Android Ice Cream Sandwich firmware XWLP7.