How To Limit Your Android’s Data Usage

We now live in a society where we’re using smartphones that enable us to browse,download and stream more than ever.

Although we have all these capabilities, it’s important to remember that they all require data to function. if you took your phone out on a contract, there’s no doubt you have a strict amount of data you can use per month. If you happen to go over that limit, then the chances are that your bill will increase.

You may think that you’ll never go over your data limit, but it can be a surprisingly easy mistake to make. Apps can run in the background, and while doing so they can still use up your precious data. Therefore making sure you’re monitoring your data usage is a very important job. Luckily, all of you with a device running Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean have a handy page that you can play around with to make sure you never breach your data limit. Here’s how to get started with it.

1. Wireless & Networks


To kick off this process, open up the Settings app from your app drawer and navigate to the Wireless & Networks menu.Next press the Data usage tab from the options provided.






2. Data usage screen


At first the Data usage screen can look a little confusing, as there are several things all going on at the same time. But with practise you will be able to navigate around it with ease.






3. Monitor app usage


Scroll down the Data usage screen and you’ll find a list of all your installed apps. As you will see, they are ranked in order of which uses the most data on your device.






4. Check your charts


Pressing on one of the listed apps will take you to a screen outlining how that particular app is using your data. this information is displayed as a graph and a pie chart.






5. Reset your cycle date


On the Data usage main screen, press the Data usage cycle tab and then select the correct time frame that lines up with your monthly contract dates.






6. Disable mobile data


To temporarily disable all your mobile data – thus stopping your apps from self-updating – then all you have to do is press the Off button on the Mobile data switch on the main screen.






7. Limit data usage


To only limit your mobile data, adjust the red bar on the chart located on the main screen. If you surpass this limit, then your mobile data connection will be automatically disabled.






8. Other options


On the main screen of the Data usage page, press the options symbol in the top-right. this will open a drop-down menu that outlines further ways of altering your data usage.






9. Monitor apps


There are plenty of other applications that will help monitor your data usage. For instance, 3G Watchdog can keep tabs on both your 3G data usage and the data you use over Wi-Fi.